Tuesday 9 July 2013


Hey Guys,
Take at look at my last 3 Etsy cards - they only have a short time left & I've decided to reduce them, so why not grab yourself a bargain!!!
All priced at just £7.00
(previous listing price £10.00)


Friday 5 July 2013

Hope to be back soon!!!

Hey guys

Just a quick note to let everyone know why I haven't been posting for the past couple of weeks. As some of you will allready know I had a major disaster in my craft room which is in my loft space a few weeks back when I found signs of mice....yes MICE!!! Oh my word I was not a happy bunny & on investigation I found a small litter bag that had got mixed up with some bags of old childrens clothes that had a few bits of toast crust in (how embarrassing!!!) They had chewed through the bottom of the plastic bag & even nawed at some bits of papers I had in another bag. Luckily my loft is in 2 sections & my craft room was completely untouched as were the bags of clothes, however I immediately boxed all my craft stuff up & got it to safety downstairs! So after emptying the loft completey which to be honest really needed doing anyway, we were able to deal with the mice & they have now completely gone...Yey!!!

I've wanted to spruce up my craft room for ages now - it's a lovely big space but my storage is ugly looking & the whole thing is just very dreary & un-inspiring, when I see pics of other peoples beautiful looking craft rooms I'm so jealous! So even though I can't afford to do exactly what I would like at the mo as we're not working as much as we'd like, I decided to take the opportunity to completely re-organise everything, get some new bits & pieces & generally try to make it look at bit prettier! So I've signed down off all my design teams (very sadly!) apart from The Rubber Buggy who I've only just joined and I'm hoping to be back up & running over the next week or 2.

Thanks for visiting & hope to have some new yummy projects to share v.soon!






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